To avoid embarrassment and unnecessary stress

To avoid embarrassment and unnecessary stress

Wait for the day to start to stay informed, and is there anything worse than starting the day with bad news? Certainly not! To avoid embarrassment and unnecessary stress, avoid watching the news as soon as you wake up. Start your day, have a good coffee and stay informed.    They may seem simple and stupid advice, but they can be your real allies when it comes to mental health care during social isolation.

Take care of yousocial isolation can cause a number of feelings: confusion, sadness, fear, anxiety. And in the midst of this scenario of uncertainty, it is common for many people to forget about personal care.  Taking care of yourself is essential to keeping your mental health up to date, especially during quarantine.

With benefits proven by science, meditation relaxes

Even if the world falls apart, do not forget that you need your free time: take care of your body, take this relaxing bath that you love so much and cultivate positive habits. An hour all this confusion will pass (even if we do not know when) and you will have to be 100% ready to start life, as always. Do not let sadness and fear take over and devote yourself with energy and will to taking care of yourself!

With benefits proven by science, meditation relaxesCalm your spiritdesperance will not solve anything. Quite the opposite!  But after all, how to keep your mind calm during social isolation? Although many people think this is bullshit, meditation can be an excellent ally.  With benefits proven by science, meditation relaxes the mind and consciousness to focus on the present – leaving aside all bad thoughts. And you don’t need to be a Buddhist monk to enjoy the benefits of the process! On Youtube you can find a series of guided tutorials for beginners.

  • 2 minutes of meditation during your day can make a huge difference. Try it!  If this history of coronavirus has made you extremely concerned about sanitation and cleaning, take a look at this material and find out the necessary care at home – avoiding neuroses with COVID-19.
  • Do not isolate yourself!In the midst of social isolation, how can we not isolate ourselves? The truth is that it is not necessary to go out into the street to feel accompanied – although the human being lacks a huge lack of contact!

How about participating in online meetings and staying in touch with other people, even remotely? Look for interest groups. Talk to people who are experiencing the same situation as you. Book family reunions online – but never be alone!   The main mental health problems in quarantine are mainly caused by social detachment. Enjoy the ease of social media and stay in touch with the ones you love, even if they are physically separated.

If this history of coronavirus

If you don’t have many friends or family members available, no problem! There are many support groups on the Internet. Look for one with which you can identify and find yourself!     Cultivate positive and healthy habitscustoms are the real secret of success. After all, they permeate all areas of our life!  Check out the list of healthy habits to adopt during social isolation and start practicing them today: practice physical exercises (even if it’s inside);

Rely on the help of meditation and breath control to calm the mind; do activities that please you: how long have you been out of this hobby for lack of”time”? Be sure to talk to those you love, even if the hugs are virtual; take advantage of online events to distract you (whether it’s classes or lives of artists you love); have a routine, even if it’s locked inside the house; adopt a healthier diet and focus on foods that can strengthen your immunity;

Learn new things and test your skills.

Having healthy habits and trying to follow the tips to keep health up to date will make us go through this pandemic with much more health and tranquility. And how to care for children during quarantine?Only those who have children know how difficult it is to care for the little ones in a period of online classes and social isolation. To help you keep your mental health up to date and also contribute to the lives of children, we have prepared special content: caring for children during quarantine.

Quick health and wellness tips

Be sure to check it out!  Cover yourself and in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, at Protect Vaccines, we have taken special measures and followed a safety protocol to serve you! Take the opportunity to keep your vaccines up to date and participate in the flu vaccination campaign, making your immunity even stronger in times of coronavirus. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to serve you!

Quick health and wellness tips: A Practical guide to daily lifethat we are looking for the most in our daily life is health, well-being and quality of life. Healthy habits involve not only eating and exercising, but also how we act with others and with ourselves. Health and well-being trends can come and go, but the basic principles of good health will always remain the same. Below we will see some quick health and wellness tips.

Quick health and wellness tips

Quick health and well-being advicesif you want to spend a happier day, with this pleasant feeling of balance and harmony, here are some quick health and well-being tips: quick health and well-being tips.

  1. Have a positive view of yourselfeverything starts in us, if people are not satisfied with themselves, they tend to focus on problems and difficulties, not on the solution and on the positive side.
  2. Take a deep inspirationdevelop your diaphragm and slowly inhale, expanding your chest. Slowly release the air. Do it several times a day. Deep breathing cancels stress.

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