Processed healthy foods are foods stored in media

Processed healthy foods are foods stored in media

Knowing these rights, it is necessary for the Attending Physician to have preliminary food planning. The experts have separated some tips for the best efficiency of shifts, among which: do not eat to stay awake, because excess food increases drowsiness; avoid simple carbohydrates, because they have a short duration of energy effect and stimulate the production of melatonin;

And finally, drink stimulating drinks in addition to coffee, such as teas, without however causing over-stimulation of the CNS.There is no way to disconnect a healthy diet from the ideal water consumption(daily average of 2L).

What not to eat

Water participates in all metabolic reactions of the human body. Sufficient hydration is essential for nutrients to be extracted from food.  In addition, the intake of water modulates satiety, because one often confuses thirst and hunger. In this way, the mere fact of drinking water regularly can help with adequate food and reduce compulsions.

According to the Ministry of Health, it is recommended to avoid processed and ultra-processed foods. Processed foods are foods stored in media, such as canned foods. Ultra-processed products are those that have undergone countless industrial transformations, such as soft drinks. These foods are especially harmful to cardiovascular health, as they increase blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

What not to eat

The first recommendation of the Ministry of Health

Refined foods, such as white flour and refined sugar, are also another group to avoid. They have a lower glycemic index, promote binge eating, obesity and addiction.  What to eat. The first recommendation of the Ministry of Health is the consumption of fresh foods, that is, those that have not been exposed to preservatives or have undergone industrial changes.

Examples of fresh foods are fruits, vegetables and legumes. There are also low-processed foods, such as nuts, dried fruits and tubers.  Whole Foods are also recommended, such as rice and whole grain breads. They have a greater amount of fiber, which increases the glycemic index of food and facilitates digestive processes.

Another recommendation is to choose a food from each group to prepare large meals, for example, protein, carbohydrate and fiber. Carbohydrates: brown rice, brown noodles, sweet potatoes, cassava. Proteins: beef, chicken, eggs, soy protein. Fiber: lettuce, watercress, kale, pumpkin. Schedule. In all loaded or running routines, planning is the most basic advice for a quality diet. The first step will be when shopping. Make lists before going to the market, give priority to natural foods and buy copies of different food groups.

As for processed or ultra-processed foods, try to reduce the necessary snacks during the day, such as yogurt, cereal bars and whole-grain cookies. For the main meals, it is possible to make lunch boxes once a week and freeze them on other days or prepare them the day before and take them to the workplace. At a lunch at home, it is ideal to establish what will be the menu. It is worthwhile and convenient to write cooking options on different days of the week so that the variety of nutrients is established and the preparation time is optimized.

Share. If, with the onset of cold weather

Share. If, with the onset of cold weatherFinally, associate the palate with healthy and pleasant foods. It is not necessary to base the diet on foods that cause disgust. In addition, it is very important to pay attention to the balance of physical and mental health.  Share. If, with the onset of cold weather, you automatically think “it’s impossible to be healthy in winter”, go down!

When the outside temperature drops, our body demands more caloric foods in order to maintain body temperature and our head demands warm and comfortable meals. But more caloric, warm and comfortable foods do not necessarily mean unhealthy foods.

There are a few tricks you can put in place to help you stay healthy and fit during these cooler months, helping you overcome the obstacles you face at this time of year: Eat gently. Being full does not mean that your stomach is full, it is a chemical response of your brain.

This mechanism takes about 20-30 minutes to act, so by eating slowly, you not only enjoy your meal more, but you do not eat unnecessary calories;  Distinguish “hunger” from “Appetite”. Controlling appetite involves controlling a psychological desire and, although difficult, it is possible! Be aware of stressful situations that trigger the urge to eat comforting foods and find strategies for each. If you still want to attack a whole chocolate after a bad day’s work, choose to relax with a walk;

If winter forces you to spend more time at home, take advantage of it to involve those you love most in preparing meals, organizing contests and testing new warm, comforting but always healthy recipes;

To combat the grayer mood that rainy days can bring you, engage in physical activity. Its regular practice, in addition to helping to control weight, stimulates several chemical components that help you to be happier and more relaxed, increases your self-esteem, promotes energy production and helps you sleep better.  And always remember that it is possible to be happy, healthy and motivated even on the longest and coldest days – it’s all about attitude!Leading a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent cardiovascular disease, obesity and even cancer. But do you know what to do to stay healthy? Here are some simple and effective tips :

Include chestnuts in your diet

“Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, walnuts and almonds have a low glycemic index, which means that they do not alter insulin levels in the blood and do not cause a feeling of satiety. They are also rich in fiber, iron, vitamin E and selenium, minerals important for the proper functioning of the thyroid”, says the nutrologist Liliane Oppermann. To enjoy all the nuts that are good, without exaggerating the calories, Liliane recommends eating 2 Brazil nuts, 3 cashew nuts, 2 walnuts or 5 almonds (choose only one of the options).  Check cashew cream recipe with truffle shitake

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