how to maintain health the “respiratory hygiene”

to the health other person so that the respiratory droplets do not stay in their environment.”Health expects to be able to “contain” the virus but warns that no scenario can be “ruled out”.

of ” not coughing or being too close

Therefore, in addition to the prevention measures already mentioned, it asks those who present symptoms and have been in areas at risk to go home and call the appropriate health to tropical countries are a risk to the health of the western traveler, who is not accustomed to being in contact with a certain bacteria and virus in their country of origin.The magazine the Lancet health

published last year a health study on infections that are more frequent among the europeans associated with the journey. The International Society for travel medicine (EuroTravNet) collected data from 32,136 patients over a five-year period.The scientific paper concludes that 40% of Europeans who returned ill on holiday to a tropical country, despite having previously gone through an health

  • international traveller service before partir.La The Lancet magazine published last year a study on the most frequent infections among Europeans associated with travel, with data from 32,136 people (Elsa Velasco)
  • these are the most common pathologies among adventurers: 1.Mosquito bites mosquitoes not health only bite, but also worry about being disease transmitters infections. These insects are vectors of zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikunguna. The Aedes aegypti family, which

abounds in tropical countries

  • is the transmitter of these viruses. Although in Spain there is no presence of this cénzalo yes the invasive species of the tiger mosquito abounds. As it is of the same genus Aedes could contribute to the spread of viruses. It health is best to use a mosquito repellent with 20% DEET to protect yourself.2.Diarrhea four out of ten tourists are condemned to suffer an episode
  • of diarrhea during the trip. The most influential factors are the style of travel, the country of destination and the length of stay: backpackers suffer twice as much from diarrhea as first-class tourists, most

diarrhea occurs in visitors from low – and middle-income countries and during the first half of travel the risk of diarrhea health exceeds 20%, and then drops to 8%. Diarrhea has no vaccine or preventive medication, so it is recommended to take care of personal hygiene and be very careful with food and drink.3.Malaria malaria is the deadliest and most common parasite in Africa. Last year malaria affected some health 214 million people and caused almost half a million deaths in

developing countries, according to the World Health Organization (who). Today, there are 34 who-certified malaria-free countries. Spain suffered from malaria until 1964, when the country was declared free of the disease. To control the disease the important thing is to control the amount of mosquitoes and use repellent to protect against bites.4.DengueEl zika is one of the viruses that most worries this health summer by the celebration this month of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

But the risk of contracting health

dengue in Brazil is 15 times higher than that of zika, according to a risk assessment by the University of Sao Paulo. Dengue is a viral disease that causes flu-like symptoms. In recent decades there has been an increase in cases, according to the WHO. Dengue prevention depends on mosquito control measures. health Again, repellent.5.Leishmaniosisthe group of insects of the phlebotomes transmit this infection that presents different forms. On the one hand there is cutaneous leishmaniasis that causes ulcers on the skin and sores on the mucous membranes. On the other hand, whole-body leishmaniasis can appear up to eight months after a mosquito bite.

Again, the best strategy is health to avoid contact with insects by means of repellents, long garments and mosquito nets, among others.6.Tuberculosisthis bacterial infection usually attacks the lungs, although it can also spread to other parts of the body. Tuberculosis is airborne, for example when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. One third of the world’s population is infected, but only one in ten people actively develops it, according to who. In this case, there is a vaccine.7.Animal bites animal bites and bites cause wounds that can present complications. Such health

  • accidents can be the cause of rabies infection and other Zoonoses transmitted to humans by animals. Special care should be taken when bathing in fresh and sea water.of the health system in the states of health Mexico with high incidence of maternal mortality Problems of the
  • health system in Mexican states with high incidence of maternal mortality Mariel Rouvier, m ScI; Miguel Ángel González-Block, PhDI; Paola Sesia, PhDII; Víctor Becerril-Montekio, m en SocIIInstituto Nacional de Salud Pública. Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico Iicenter for research and higher studies in Social

Anthropology, South Pacific

unit. Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico Iicenter for research and higher studies in Social Anthropology, South Pacific unit. health Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexicoauthor of correspondence ABSTRACTOBJECTIVE: to identify and prioritize problems in state health systems that limit the effectiveness of interventions to prevent maternal mortality. MATERIAL and methods: a conceptual mapping of priority problems perceived by communities of practice (Cop) in states with high incidence of maternal mortality was performed. Subsequently, the Pops reviewed the medical literature to health

contrast the problems identified. RESULTS: The problems prioritized by the Cop focused on the care of the obstetric emergency (AEO), specifically in financial resources and shortage of inputs (Warrior), lack of staff training to meet the EO (State of Mexico), network inefficiency obstetric (Oaxaca) and ignorance and lack of adherence to protocols of AEO (Veracruz). The review of medical literature confirmed the relevance of the problems identified through conceptual mapping. Conclusion: The Pops showed a high degree of congruence between the perception of

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