Abuse of healthy vegetables.

Abuse of healthy vegetables.

Abuse of vegetables. Increase the consumption of greens and vegetables, they help digestion and the work of the liver in the removal of toxins. This is also true for salads: make a nice salad plate before the main course and chew well, this process generates more satiety and helps to avoid overeating.

Keep an eye on snacks. During the party, avoid the most caloric snacks such as fatty cheeses, salami, olives and snacks in general. As a snack, choose a good mixture of oilseeds, such as Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, raisins, apricots and dates. They are healthy and will help reduce appetite and contain potassium that can help with water retention.

What about the desserts?

Don’t go too thirsty to the pot. Before filling the plate with everything, take a little of each food. Do not eat too fast, in time for your brain to realize that you are eating. Take the opportunity to chat with your family and thoroughly chew each bite. Prefer the consumption of lean meats, giving preference to grilled, roasted and cooked preparations.

Kill your desires. Eat a little of everything you feel like, but remember that the second piece tastes the same as the first. However, the second piece, in addition to the extra calories, is followed by guilt and frustration. So nothing to exaggerate.

What about the desserts? It is a parade of puddings, cobblestones, ice cream, cakes and pies. It is very difficult to resist. But do not resist, choose one or two dishes and eat a little. Let’s bet that the table will be full of seasonal fruits like grapes, watermelons, strawberries and melon and abuse them. They are sweet, they are good, they are less caloric and much healthier.

What about the desserts?

Bonus Tip: Take advantage of summer time to exercise outdoors. Whether it’s a simple walk or a jog in the park, everything is allowed. Appeal to family and friends to make the exercise more fun. National Health Day: 6 tips to stay healthy and have a better quality of life Category: News-posted by: iupv Communication – Date: 03 August 2019

Taking care of one’s health and staying healthy are important attitudes for all of us, right? And to raise awareness of the importance of prioritizing those aspects of our daily lives that directly affect our quality of life – such as diet and physical activity – August 5 was chosen as National Health Day.

And being healthy does not mean the absence of disease. Being healthy means having good eating habits, exercising regularly and taking care not only of the body, but also of the mind. To be healthy is to be in good physical and psychological condition and it is important for everyone, and for people with cystic fibrosis, it is no different.

Taking care of your diet

Thinking about it, Unidos pela Vida – Brazilian Institute of attention to cystic fibrosis has prepared 6 tips for you to better take care of your health and have a better quality of life. Eat well! Taking care of your diet and following a balanced diet is an important factor in staying healthy. It is very common that people with cystic fibrosis need to follow high-calorie and protein diets in order to gain weight more easily, so the follow-up of a nutritionist is essential to define what will be best for each case. Take advantage of it to discover the high-calorie recipes made available by Unidos pela Vida.

Click to access the different recipes that will help you vary the menu from day to day.  

Exercise! Regular physical activity is good for our health at all, especially for people with cystic fibrosis. Exercise helps improve lung function and increases strength and endurance gains, as well as helping to clear the airways and prevent bone loss. So, choose the exercise you prefer and start to have more health! Click here to learn more about the Fiber Team, a project that is part of Unidos pela Vida’s physical activity incentive program!

Taking care of your dietHygiene care must be a priority! The risk of germ contamination can be reduced if you choose to follow certain basic hygiene precautions. Wash your hands with soap and water several times a day and use it abundantly and always have gel alcohol nearby. Also, avoid staying indoors and opt for well-ventilated spaces. Thus, the risks of contamination by bacteria, viruses and fungi are lower.

Being organized is essential!

Being organized is essential! Performing all the necessary steps for proper adherence to the treatment of cystic fibrosis can take a long time for those who suffer from it, and also for people who live around them. Therefore, inserting all these procedures in an organized way into your daily routine can make all the difference and will prevent these steps from disrupting the other activities you perform on a daily basis.

Plan ahead, especially when moving to other places. The ideal is always to take the medicine with you and evaluate whether it is better to perform the steps before or after the appointment. In addition, you can also put daily reminders on your mobile phone or computer so as not to forget to perform the procedures.

Adherence to treatment is important for improving your health! From the moment you choose to be more organized with the steps that are part of the management of cystic fibrosis, adherence to treatment will be much easier. And what is the consequence of proper observance of treatment? Improving your health and quality of life!

We know that all the steps can take a lot of time in your day, but it’s important to keep in mind that each of these steps is fundamental for you to stay as healthy as possible, always following the recommendations of the health professionals who do so. your side dish.  Take care of your mind! Taking care of one’s mental health and well-being is essential, as is taking care of one’s body. For this reason, the psychologist is one of the professionals who is part of the multidisciplinary team of treatment of cystic fibrosis.

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